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Some kind of selfpromotion ;-)

Right now i am getting more and more into making "music videos". In fact: the last couple of days i was more into making movies then into making new music. This is mainly because many pages like or offer easy and free hosting for movies now. So here is another little clip i made of some free Prellinger Archiv movies. The music is from an older studio session of me and a electro band called "Das Ohlsensyndrom". It's sure not the best music video in the world, but i like the idea of turning my music into visuals ... I hope many many more independent musicians will use free movies to promot there stuff in short future.


Yes i know: Something went wrong with the size of the video ... ;-)

D16 Group: Release of Phoscyon VSTi

Przemysław Gocyła wrote me that the D16 Group is proud to present the long expected full version of Phoscyon VSTi. At this moment it's available only for PC, but porting to Mac OS is planned as well. Now you can buy Phoscyon for a special price (79 €). Details are available at

Plagued by teenagers? You'll like the sound of this

As a form of revenge against disruptive youth, it is almost too sweet - a device that annoys teenagers so intensely they have to disperse and loiter somewhere else.

Da Shit - Anime Music Video

This is not really about gear - but i like it anyway. Maybe because this is close to the music i do lately. Love the ironic touch when the banjo comes in...


A funny video of BCR2000 abuse

This post from Matrixsynth pointed me to a page called Trippler. While searching around i found this nice DivX video of a Behringer BCR2000 turned into a discotheque clavilux. It was hidden between two pictures on this page. Let the knobs dance!

TuneCore: Get your music on Itunes easy

This could be interesting: Sell your music on Itunes with Tunecore. Here is what founder Jeff Price says: "TuneCore is a new music delivery and distribution service that gets music you created (even cover versions) up for sale on iTunes and Rhapsody without asking for your rights or taking any money from the sale or use of your music. You get 100% of what iTunes and Rhapsody pay. TuneCore is non-exclusive, so you're never locked in." More info at

WaveKnife: Slaughter your Audio-CD's !

I just love this little freeware software called "WaveKnife". Yesterday it saved me so much time again. If you don't know this tool by now: go and check it out! This one should not be missed.

Here is what Stephan the coder says: "Do you use WAV samples to make music? And do you have some sampling CDs in CD-Audio format? Then you'll like our freeware tool WaveKnife! Just dump whole audio tracks from your sampling CDs to your harddisk and let WaveKnife split them into the single samples. This may save you hours of dumb sample cutting and trimming."

Download WaveKnife - WAV sample splitter

By the way:
If you are a good craftsman, you should really try to build the Toaster - Analogue Acid Controller. Just get some common electronic components and build your own knob box using the free construction plan and software. And: Send me a picture of it ... ;-))

Working again?

Lately i got some serious problems with blogsot. So, is blogspot working again? Well, this post is gone and still there - at the same time...

NEW: genoQs Machines presents Octopus

genoQs Machines is a group specialized on innovative solutions around the interface between man and machine. Now they finally present a highend MIDI-composing and performance tool called Octopus. It really looks great and "analogish". Very nice detail: The OCTOPUS firmware will be released as open source with the availability of v1.0 in Q1 2006. "We hope to maximize the lifetime of OCTOPUS as a sequencing platform and let future generations of electronic musicians realize their sequencing dreams, just as we have realized ours", says the genoQs team. Way to go! Of course stuff like this is allways pricy: The new Octopus will sell around €2.319! More info on how it works can be found in this PDF.

Ebay: Korg PS3200 Synthesizer

Here is a rare Korg PS3200 synthesizer on ebay. The seller says: "It is one of only a few hundred that Korg made in the mid 1970's, and this one is 100% functional. It has just been serviced and calibrated by a tech who really knows vintage gear at an authorized Korg repair center. So unlike many vintage synths you come across that are expensive restoration projects, this one needs no work- it's ready to play."

Vintage Gear Porn for $200K

I just love to look at old analog porn gear ;-) Everytime i feel "gear horny" i go to places like the Vintagetones homepage. They sell such great gear like this Classic Neve 8032. This console is loaded with 32 Neve 1081 vintage modules. It even has a 1272 only for the talk back mic! Only turn down: the price ($200K) ! Wonder what they charge for that fantastic Telefunken Console on the same page...


Here is a nice punkrock guitar microphone shoot-out. Much gear was tested: Telefunken MD 421, Shure SM 57, Sennheiser MD 541, AKG C460B, AKG D190, Audio Technica 4033, Shure Beta 58, Gefell CMV563, Neumann TLM103 and Neumann U87. Even though the guys from clipgod are no scientists, i think this shoot-out is still interesting. Only thing i could not figger out: What's the point of calling microphones "Microscopes"? Maybe you will find out ...

Microphone Shoot-Out Link
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