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Nikki Sudden R.I.P. : July 19 1956 - March 26 2006

The famous british punk rock legend Nikki Sudden is dead.
"Sudden's influences included bands such as T.Rex, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Thunders. He had also collaborated with amongst others Mike Scott of The Waterboys, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, members of Sonic Youth, Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones, Rowland S. Howard, Ian MacLagan and members of R.E.M.. Sudden also wrote for a number of music industry magazines, such as Mojo and Bucketful of Brains. At the time of his unexpected death, he was writing his autobiography, as well as a biography of Ronnie Wood, and was due to perform in London on the 29th of March." (Wikipedia)

Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer-Tribute Edition

Everybody is talking about the new Moog Little Phaty (i.e. Musicthing, Matrixsynth or Moogulator). I just watched the teaser video and i think this will be a great seller because it's really affordable (about $ 1475). Only little turn down: i am pretty sure that i won't get one of the first 1200 great looking ones! Moogmusic says:

"Moog will initially release a special, limited edition run of 1,200 individually numbered Bob Moog Tribute Edition synths.

The limited run, Tribute Edition of the Little Phatty has special Moog wood side panels, a Bob Moog signature plate across the front and rear, comes with a CD-ROM featuring highlights of the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration Service and a special Bob Moog poster. If you have been waiting to go analog, your wait is over.

Since i can't find a picture of the normal edition, i hope at least people can "upgrade" to the wood side panels and that great Bob Moog signature plate for some extra cash ... no wood - no moog ;-)

Michael Jackson's Music Hidden in Sonic 3?

Very strange story: Michael Jackson's Music Hidden in Sonic 3? Found this video on Kotako. Personally i don't think this proofs anything, but see for yourself ... but then again ... who cares? ;-)

Museum of Techno

Here is a nice video about Theo Argiriadis i saw on Museum of Techno:

By the way: Don't miss the Museum of Techno's Technical Department. The Museum's two technicians, Joseph Cornwell and Dave Braidy, are responsible for implementing conservation policy and maintaining equipment at the Museum, and assist the Museum's research and teaching staff in their work.

Kid Beyond

I did not know about this guy: This video shows Kid Beyond talking about Ableton LIVE. It's nice to see, how he does his great beat boxing shows.

Ebay: Original 1969 EMS VCS 3 Synthesizer

This ebay auction from paulsboutique offers a nice EMS VCS 3. More info about "The Putney" can be found here.

Trance Trigger Gate

I worked on a trance type track today and the free mgTriggerGate helped me a lot again. Simple to use and a great timesaver ... If you don't know it by now, go and check it out.

Minion my love

Gee - i just love to stare at Minion. This classic free effect plugin is used in many of my tracks. It allways makes me go wow: dancing balls are just everywhere! Especially when i did smoke some funny stuff while working late on club tracks ;-) By the way: this freeware vst plug is not only good looking - it even sounds great!

Just ordered ColorTone-Pro for PC

I just ordered ColorTone-Pro for Windows!! (2 week intro price $69.00!) I waited for this a long time. I bet it's gonna be still a little buggy - but Salvator will fix all this very soon. Can't wait to try it ... ;-)

Nice info video about Fender

Leo Fender, born in 1909, was the founder of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, which was responsible for the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar, the Telecaster; the first mass-produced electric bass guitar, the Precision Bass; and the hit Stratocaster.

Performance Test for Cubase SX Systems

The fivetowers Cubase SX performance test is well known by now. Finally they have over 400 user's DAW results online. So if you are about to get a new DAW you might want to consider the results.

Since the fivetowers test is rather easy to handle for dual-core daw's i like the really havy stress test called "Thonex 2" (old Thonex 1). It's made by ADK and will hit your system hard....

To me it seems that it doesnt make any sense to go bigger then a AMD X2 4400+ for now. The next big performance step will probably come with WIN Vista and real 64bit. And after that it will be 4 and more cores.

Happy Robot Music Circuit Bending

I found this ebay auction on a "CIRCUIT BENT STEERING WHEEL THEREMIN SYNTH TOY". Since the mp3 is down i cant tell how it's gonna sound. (MP3 up again!) but it sure looks interesting - if you in to bending stuff. More strange units build by Ian Sherwen can be found here.

Beta-Testing ColortonePro PC goes on

Salvator from Tritonedigital is working hard on the PC release of ColortonePro. From what i read in the Betatester-Forum he just isolated another bug. Info: Salvator is working on a pc release for about a year now. First problem was to find the correct path to the irs directory on every pc-setup. After solving this they had some p4 trouble to work out.

I really hope he will have solved all issues pretty soon. I still use the free Colortone plug in all of my tracks and i would love to get my hands on the pro version. It's just perfect for adding a subtile analog flavour to itb mixes.

NI KORE : New chapters online

Some news about NI Kore. Can't wait to test it in reality! The idea of having easy control of all my sounds freaks me out. But since KORE is not released by now, i can only hope that they do it right. Anyway, here is todays Native Instruments newsletter:

Every Wednesday in the run up to the Musikmesse, one of
five central aspects of KORE is being featured in detail
on the NI website. Finally, in the 6th week, full
information and technical specifications will be revealed
at the Musikmesse and of course online too.

Chapter 1:
Last week's feature focused on KORE's unique interface and
how it makes producing with software instruments and
effects far more intuitive, efficient and musically

Chapter 2:
This week's takes a detailed look on KoreSound, the brand
new sound format that is universally compatible and, in
combination with the powerful KORE Sound Browser, shifts
the focus away from individual instruments and toward the
sound itself:

Next week will focus on KORE's perfectly integrated
hardware component.
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Wanna look like Steve?

You got an Apple Ipod and want to look just like Steve Jobs?
Then check this: