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DAG talks about his new G7

This is DAG from the german electro band "Das Ohlsensyndrom" talking about his sensational live gear setup the "G7". Basicly it's an old Tascam multitracker with some stickers. You can see him live this saturday (1.8.06) rocking the "Cobra Bar" in Hamburg, St. Pauli, Reeperbahn. I am told that he will be supported by Smyke, the guitar legend from "Over the Jordan Higheels".

Blindtest: Waves SSL, Duende, Liquid Mix, URS 1980, Digidesign Impact

Over at the Gearslutz forum some nice guy posted a great blindtest about Duende, Waves ( Native RTAS and TDM ), Liquid Mix, URS 1980 ( Native RTAS and TDM ) and Digidesign Impact TDM. Check it out.

Another early review of SSL Duende

At the Sonikmatter forum is another (early) review of SSL Duende you might want to check. Can't wait for the PC version to come later this year ...