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$1000 reward for hints: Cracking groups "Team AIR" and "H20"

Markus from wants to take legal actions and offers a $1000 reward for hints regarding these cracking groups:

- Team AIR
- H20
- invision
- "niceguydave" for

Read the story here and post your comments ...

As much as i understand his problem with cracking groups, i really dont believe this is going to be successful. A $1000 reward is simply not enough money ... if he would have been "brave" enough to make it a $100000 reward - who knows?

Sunrise at Sphere Studios London (video)

ASMO - Texas Electro [ circuit bent ]

Jamming with Roger Manning jr.

Now that is great:
Take a look in Roger's home studio keyboard heaven!

More funny movies can be found at!

Ableton LIVE and Nintendo Wii

Great use of a Nintendo Wii and Ableton LIVE!

Here is what WIRED Blogs says about it:

I've seen a few Wii hacks for the Mac, but this may be the coolest yet. Or at least: the most fun.

Musician Yann Seznec (also known as The Amazing Rolo) put on his dancing shoes on, grabbed his Wii and used it to make music on his Mac with a loop-based program he wrote.

His software, The Wii Loop Machine, communicates with a Mac running OS 10.3.9 via Bluetooth, and lets you drop in loops and warp effects by dancing around with a Wiimote.

The above video reminds me of why I have a soft spot in our heart for Franco-American software developer hacker musicians currently living in Scotland. But really, who doesn't?

*And if you want to be pedantic about it, he grabbed his Wiimote, not his Wii. But why pass up that verbal opportunity when you have the chance?

How To Program A Roland TB-303

The author praevius says: "There are a lot of videos with TB-303's in 'em on YouTube, but none that shows how you actually program one. The manual is so hard to get through, it's best someone shows you."

A TB-303 operation manual can be found here.

Vista 64 vs. 32 ?

I am about to change my DAW setup later this year. Right now i use a AMD X2 4400, Cubase SX 3. This seemed to be pretty fast in the past, but as time goes by, it now feels slow and old compared to the new Intel Chips. Since Cubase 4 is still "buggy" and Vista 64 is not supported to well, i am doing some research.

So i found this interesting performance test:

Results in short:
1. Vista outperforms XP without any trouble at all
2. There's no performance advantage to Vista 64

The Institute of Ape Culture Prototype Synthesizer

This is a demonstration of The Institute of Ape Culture Prototype Synthesizer. The circuit is based on Ray Wilson's WSG.

Doepfer A100

Tiesto Studio Interview

DJ Tiesto tells his secrets in music production ;-)

Casio DG-20 Demo

Since i just picked up a Casio DG-20 midi guitar myself from ebay (just like this guy!) i really love his video. Hope mine is fully working too when it arrives ... ;-)

An Atari MIDI Studio

Check out Tim's great Atari MIDI Studio ...

Circuit Bent Casio PT-87

Well, actually i am not into circuit bending - but this is realy nice.
Check out the bonus jam session in the end!

Very strange Dr. Synthesizer

Ok, what happens when you spend way too much time with synthesizers? Watch Dr. Synthesizer and you will know what i mean ... ;-)

Dasein: 5.1 Analog Synthesis!

This is a documentary by Christopher Lefor and Bryce Janssens. Watch there unconventional experiment in 5.1 analog synthesis recording.

Moog Little Phatty Toccata and Fugue in Dm

Orgon Modular Synthesizer/VCS-3/TR-606

Ramon working with the Orgon Modular Synthesizer, EMS VCS3 and a Roland TR-606.

VCS3 Specs:

The VCS3 (nicknamed the Putney) is an analog monosynth housed in a distinctive angled wooden case, a truly classic synth. EMS (Electronic Music Studios) was created in England back in 1969. The VCS3 was one of their first synths and it is still a great, unique, funky little unit! Pictured above is the Mark I model. Pictured is another unit with the small wood-cased DK2 voltage-control keyboard required to play the VCS3.

It has three oscillators, and a unique matrix-based patch system. Instead of patch wires, the VCS3 uses a patchbay grid in which the synth components are laid out, and signal routing is accomplished by placing small pins into the appropriate slots. The VCS3 was, in actuality, a modular type synthesizer reduced down to an extremely portable size. It generates familiar sci-fi sounds (Dr. Who) and other truly analog sounds. Unfortunately, the oscillators tend to drift out of tune. There's a Noise Generator, 2 Input Amplifiers, 1 Ring Modulator, 1 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF), 1 Trapezoid Envelope Generator, Joy-Stick Controller, Voltage Controlled Spring Reverb unit and 2 Stereo Output Amplifiers.

Additonally, the VCS3 was also sold in a plastic breif-case and called the Synthi A. The major Synthi 100 system was based on three VCS3's strung together. Some ultra-rare commercially unavailable synths EMS made include the VCS4 in 1969 which was basically 2 VCS3's plus a keyboard. And the Synthi Keyboard 1 of 1970 was just a VCS3 with a mini 29-note keyboard. Many of these EMS synth's have been used by Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Stereolab, Yes, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Jean-Michel Jarre, Astral Projection, Klaus Schulze, Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke, Add N to (X), The Who, Todd Rundgren, Recoil, Freddy Fresh, and many more.

Ohlsensyndrom im Studio 2007

Jo! Endlich wagt sich Dicke vom Ohlesnsyndrom mal wieder ins Studio und nimmt seine neue Scheibe auf! Wann alles fertig ist und wann es die neue Platte zu kaufen gibt, wurde allerdings noch nicht verraten ...

Testament - The Gathering Mix

In the studio with Testament ...

Gear Porn Pool at Flickr

Many nice gear pics can be found at Flickr's "Gear Porn Pool"

Other sweet pools are:
- Create Digital Music
- Music objects
- Unusual Instruments
- Synthesizers
- Audio Recording Studio
- Music Production
- DIY electronica
- Your Musical Instruments
- Musical Instruments [NO PEOPLE]
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- Technical Wax Rotation

Roland is scared by a d16 100% clone

That is funny: Roland vs. Poland

Roland seems to be scared by the great sound and the nice gui of the perfect 909 (808 comming soon) clones from ...
Till now Roland could only force to change the gui - the great sound of this clones is still untouched. So did Roland win anything by this censorship? I guess not!

Imho Roland sucked in the first place when they decided not to make a virtual release of there legendary 909 / 808 drum machines. But maybe they just could not do such a great job as .. who knows?

George Lynch - Studio Guitar Solos

TEN YEARS AFTER - 1969 in studio

Weird Al - Behind the Scenes Recording

Faith No More - In the Studio 1992