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History Of The Moog Synthesizer

Here is Robert Moog talking about Moog Synthesizer. He even upens up a new Mini Moog and shows the inside. Pretty cool!

Moog Micro Moog Demo

This is another great video from "YESSONGS". Watch his Moog Micro Moog!

Great Mini Moog Demo

Very nice Mini Moog show off video ... ;-)

In the Studio: Black Milk

Brianna Pope invades the studio environment of Detroit's go-to hip-hop producer, Black Milk, as he takes the helm on the upcoming Sean Price and Guilty Simpson collaboration. Black talks technique, inspiration and tips while Sean Price rolls around on the floor and goofs on "rappity-rap." Both show mad respect for Beanie Sigel.

In the Studio: Asphodel and Recombinant Media

This video is part one of a series: XLR8R Technology editor Ken Taylor takes you on a tour of one of electronic art's finest facilities, Asphodel and Recombinant Media Labs. Comprised of an unprecedented 16.8.2 -channel, 10-screen surround-cinema performance environment with an external control room, a suite full of new and old synthesizers (all in mint condition), a DVD- and CD-mastering studio and a recording studio with top-of-the-line equipment spanning nearly every era of electronic music, Asphodel and RML is a sound artist's dream come to life. While the technology is impressive, it's only one aspect of what makes these studios special. We'll explore the facility further in future episodes.

"Queens of the Stone Age" - Recording

"Queens of the Stone Age" in studio recording. A few special guest like jack black to zztop.

The Smiths - In the studio

A rare glimpse of The Smiths recording their album Meat Is Murder. Watch out for Mike Joyce giving a murderous look at the camera when drumming.