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Mastering at Sterling Sound: Mission of Burma Videos

This is a nice inside look of a mastering session at Sterling Sound.

Info from the Band:
On Novevember 27th, 2007 we visited Sterling Sound in New York City to document first-hand the all-analog mastering process. The process by which Mission of Burma's landmark recordings from the early 1980's were re-mastered. The process is old-fashioned. The gear is original. The vinyl is live cut.

All videos here.

Stanley the Robotman is Explaining a Synthesizer

Stanley Povoda, the worldfamous Robot-Man is now creating very strange syntesizers. They are hosted in old tape-machines, solariums, telephones. soon the time will show, that this was a big mistake to give us these devices. in this video the master himselfe is explaining how one of this small magic boxes is working. check to see more of this magic devices. Video by christoph pajer.


Make Your Own DSP FX Pedals

This sounds nice and could be very usefull not only for guitar players but for electronic musicians and dj's as well:

WOW: Melodyne Direct Note Access

WTF! This is crazy!!

PR SonicState:

Once in a while a product comes along that really takes things to another dimension - take the Celemony Melodyne - that put audio into the world of grid editing, enabling incredibly powerful manipulation of recorded audio.

Well be prepared to have you mind blown once again. Today Melodyne previewed the their Direct Note Access. Essentially, they have made the impossible possible. Take a stereo (or mono) track of polyphonic audio - piano, string quartet or whatever and then through some kind of wizardry, explode this into the separate individual notes and edit to taste as you would with monophonic audio within Melodyne. Yes you heard right.

It's kind of hard to explain, watch the video - it's a real doodie. Outside of a keynote speech by Steve Jobs, you rarely hear the crowd cheer as software features are unveiled....

Available later this year as part of the Melodyne 2.0 update (in plug-in form first).

Universal Audio 6176

Here is a nice education video about the Universal Audio 6176.

Look at all the nice tubes in that uad box!
Too bad they can't stand up to the sound of the old vintage 1176.
I like the purple audio mc77 best.
And i don't love the sound of the 6176 pre's either.
To my ears bae 1272 or api 312 have more personality.
But that's just me - and the 6176 still looks great!


SSL Duende PCIe $1,295.00 USD

SSL Duende PCIe $1,295.00 USD - No Review or test ...

In 2005, SSL Engineers decided to embark on a technology project to figure out how we could take the processing power of a console and squeeze it into a 1U rack, and in the process serve up the SSL sound to home and project studio owners who don’t have the budget (or the floor space!) required to install a large-format console. Drawing on our unique understanding of audio processing and years of DSP know-how, our team of engineers set about creating the SSL processing solution for your DAW environment. We knew we needed serious DSP horsepower to accommodate our powerful algorithms, and we knew it had to come in a package that could integrate seamlessly with the most popular workstations… And so Duende was born.

Since that time, Duende with the help of you our valued reseller has sold over 3000 units. Originally in a 19″ rack format, now referred to as Duende Classic, Duende PCIe delivers the complete SSL mix experience without the need for an external Firewire connected unit. Duende PCIe offers complete integration into the most popular workstation environments with one simple PCI-e connection. The different processing blocks appear as VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins – and include an authentic SSL channel strip with filters, E and G series EQ and dynamics processing, as well as the legendary SSL Bus Compressor.

As with all Duende products, Duende PCIe is compatible with all VST, AU and RTAS hosts. The new PCIe design is ideal for customers who wish to implement several outboard Firewire devices and may not have the available bandwidth for Duende Firewire. Duende PCIe is also fully compatible as a companion to Duende Classic and Duende Mini offering a maximum of 64 channels in 48k and 32 channels in 96k. A maximum of 2 Duende PCIe can be also implemented on one DAW system. Duende PCIe completes the Duende family of products. Now you have a Duende product for every customer. Duende Classic in a 1u rack design, Duende Mini for the Budget conscious customer and Duende PCIe for the customer that demands high performance and flexibility for their comprehensive DAW system.

Main Features:
32 Channel Plug-in processing
Includes SSL XL9000k channel strip and Buss Compressor
MAC and PC compatible PCIe card
Fully compatible with all Duende plugins
Functions as a companion to Duende Firewire

Well, that must hurt if you just got the Duende Classic with firewire.