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Stupid move: NO firewire on Macbooks anymore

You might have read this allready, but i think removing firewire from macbooks is one of the most stupid moves i have ever seen.

Feel free to contact Apple and tell them to bring it back ASAP:

More infos here:

AppleInsider | Jobs responds to outrage over MacBook's missing FireWire

Apple - Support - Discussions - No Firewire ports! ...

Apple - Support - Discussions - No Firewire; many possible problems ...


Tangerine Dream - Improvisation (1976)

This clip might have been posted elsewhere already, but i think it's worth watching over and over again. ;-) Gear porn at it's best: Tangerine Dream (Froese, Franke and Baumann) playing an improvised set on German TV in 1976. Embedding is disabled by request, so you need to click the link:

New Fairchild 670 - analoguetube

The new company just started building the classic Fairchild 670 again. It's called AT-101. The AT-101 is available for £11,500 ex VAT. There is a 6 week lead time. So hurry up ... ;-)

Here is what they say:

The AT-101 is the result of 4 years development based around the Fairchild 670 Stereo Limiter/Compressor it is a blend of modern technology and traditional construction, the original was developed during the late 50’s and has gained a somewhat mythical status, in both recording studios and value. Favored by many recording engineers for its natural uncoloured sound, original units typicaly command high prices.

The AT-101 shares exactly the same circuit and components used in this technology. The aim is to breathe life back into a product that has for many years been unavailable. The goal is to make this unique brand of audio compression equipment commercially available to everybody.

Many attempts have been made to recreate it, mostly by [now] established American manufactures using parts of the circuit and different tubes in a smaller box. The AT-101 brings together 50 years of established technology using state of the art low noise components and returns classical methods of audio compression back to the studio. builds and manufactures the AT-101 using traditional electronic methods with parts that are sourced commercially and that are commonly available. These units have been built by hand as close to the original as possible using standard high quality components and are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the equipment from the original date of manufacture.

Each unit is shipped with a fully protective foamed-out Peli road case with wheels as standard.

Artist Aquasky busted for using Warez

This could be bizarre: The latest issue of "Future Music 201" features an interview with Aquasky ( This screenshot shows that Aquasky uses warezed software:

Go figure .... more info at KVR-Forum.

This reminds me of this German Magazin uses Warez.

"Wire to the Ear" reports that Aquasky apologized and purchased both Predatohm and OhmBoyz ...

Free TR 909 for your Apple iPhone!

This looks like future fun for musicians with an iPhone ...

IR-909 is a drum machine for the iPhone inspired by the Roland TR-909. IR-909 features a 16-step sequencer, 4 patterns, 8 different drum sounds and the ability to adjust tempo(BPM) and shuffle amount.

IR-909 1.0 Beta 2 will soon be ready for the public, but not just yet. In the meanwhile, check out theses screenshots:

More Info here!

D16's plug-ins vs. hardware is a company that makes great software clones of Roland TB 303, TR 808 and TR 909. Now they make a brave attempt to prove the quality of their plug ins.

More videos here.