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Scooter kicks Madonna - Behind the Scene of Jumpstyle

Ok, what does it take to kick a superstar like Madonna
from the top of the UK charts? Right: Scooter!

Billboard Info
German techno band Scooter scored a big upset on the new U.K. album chart yesterday (May 11), unseating Madonna's "Hard Candy" (Warner Bros.) to debut at No. 1 with "Jumping All Over the World" (All Around the World/Universal Music TV). It's the band's first British album release for five years and first No. 1, 13 years after it first reached the U.K. singles chart. "Hard Candy" moved down to No. 2 after its chart-topping debut last week ....

Scooter - Behind The Scenes

Scooter - Studio Tour

Scooter - Studio Tour 1996


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