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WaveKnife: Slaughter your Audio-CD's !

I just love this little freeware software called "WaveKnife". Yesterday it saved me so much time again. If you don't know this tool by now: go and check it out! This one should not be missed.

Here is what Stephan the coder says: "Do you use WAV samples to make music? And do you have some sampling CDs in CD-Audio format? Then you'll like our freeware tool WaveKnife! Just dump whole audio tracks from your sampling CDs to your harddisk and let WaveKnife split them into the single samples. This may save you hours of dumb sample cutting and trimming."

Download WaveKnife - WAV sample splitter

By the way:
If you are a good craftsman, you should really try to build the Toaster - Analogue Acid Controller. Just get some common electronic components and build your own knob box using the free construction plan and software. And: Send me a picture of it ... ;-))


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