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Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer-Tribute Edition

Everybody is talking about the new Moog Little Phaty (i.e. Musicthing, Matrixsynth or Moogulator). I just watched the teaser video and i think this will be a great seller because it's really affordable (about $ 1475). Only little turn down: i am pretty sure that i won't get one of the first 1200 great looking ones! Moogmusic says:

"Moog will initially release a special, limited edition run of 1,200 individually numbered Bob Moog Tribute Edition synths.

The limited run, Tribute Edition of the Little Phatty has special Moog wood side panels, a Bob Moog signature plate across the front and rear, comes with a CD-ROM featuring highlights of the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration Service and a special Bob Moog poster. If you have been waiting to go analog, your wait is over.

Since i can't find a picture of the normal edition, i hope at least people can "upgrade" to the wood side panels and that great Bob Moog signature plate for some extra cash ... no wood - no moog ;-)


  • I wish that I could afford a Phatty, but after making my second cross country move in less than a year I'm very tapped out. I was wondering, however, if anyone who has the Phatty and were not particularily interested in the Bob Moog poster that came with it, would possibly consider giving me the poster or selling it to me?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM  

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