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Ableton LIVE and Nintendo Wii

Great use of a Nintendo Wii and Ableton LIVE!

Here is what WIRED Blogs says about it:

I've seen a few Wii hacks for the Mac, but this may be the coolest yet. Or at least: the most fun.

Musician Yann Seznec (also known as The Amazing Rolo) put on his dancing shoes on, grabbed his Wii and used it to make music on his Mac with a loop-based program he wrote.

His software, The Wii Loop Machine, communicates with a Mac running OS 10.3.9 via Bluetooth, and lets you drop in loops and warp effects by dancing around with a Wiimote.

The above video reminds me of why I have a soft spot in our heart for Franco-American software developer hacker musicians currently living in Scotland. But really, who doesn't?

*And if you want to be pedantic about it, he grabbed his Wiimote, not his Wii. But why pass up that verbal opportunity when you have the chance?


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