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Charles Dye - King of the 2Bus

I just bought the learning-dvd from Charles Dye called "Mix it like a record". I watched it twice now and i have to say its very usefull.

One of Charles Dye basic ideas of mixing itb (in the box/daw) is in short words to add some analog distortion to the channels and stereo bus. this and his idea of mixing through a compressor pointed me into a new direction.

Beside of the rather ugly style of the video, this learning-dvd is really nice. But beware: it's definitly not cheap (130$).

So ... if you read the next links carefully, you can get most of it for free ;-)

1. Charles about setting up the 2bus

2. Charles updates some ideas of his above articel

3. Gearslutz discussion about the learning-dvd

Homepage of "Mix it like a record":

Shit .. now everybody can have the pro-sound ... lol!


  • Charles rules!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:10 PM  

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