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NI KORE : New chapters online

Some news about NI Kore. Can't wait to test it in reality! The idea of having easy control of all my sounds freaks me out. But since KORE is not released by now, i can only hope that they do it right. Anyway, here is todays Native Instruments newsletter:

Every Wednesday in the run up to the Musikmesse, one of
five central aspects of KORE is being featured in detail
on the NI website. Finally, in the 6th week, full
information and technical specifications will be revealed
at the Musikmesse and of course online too.

Chapter 1:
Last week's feature focused on KORE's unique interface and
how it makes producing with software instruments and
effects far more intuitive, efficient and musically

Chapter 2:
This week's takes a detailed look on KoreSound, the brand
new sound format that is universally compatible and, in
combination with the powerful KORE Sound Browser, shifts
the focus away from individual instruments and toward the
sound itself:

Next week will focus on KORE's perfectly integrated
hardware component.
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