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New audiophile USB cable ??

Can this be true? Can a USB cable really improve the audio quality of a daw? Here is what the Kimber website says:

Kimber have developed and launched two cables, designed to improve the performance of devices linked to your computer like our RAVE 1 USB amp and Pro-Hifi link.

The new cables, B-Bus™ and Mini-Bus™, use large copper conductors – the largest possible under USB specifications, and the signal conductors are plated with an unusually thick (6.1%) silver plating to enhance conductivity and signal support. The ferrite noise reduction beads help the cable to preserve the delicate data stream, even at longer lengths.

When a USB cable is used to link a device such as an external soundcard to your computer, it becomes a digital audio interconnect. Lossless or uncompressed music files can sound even better if you upgrade this critical link – and Kimber’s USB cables should be the first choice.


  • Well, somebody has yet to understand the very principles of digital

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:50 PM  

  • I had bought a cheap USB to SPDIF converter ($25 on ebay) and tested it with a standard USB cable (printer cable). Just good enough for background music (lossless files on a mac). Replacing it with the Kimber I bought from Russ Andrews (UK) made a huge difference. Now music is good enough to listen to...

    Replacing the cheap converter by a god one made even a bigger difference though. The Trends Audio UD-10 with a chepa cabke sounds better than the cheap converter with a god cable...

    By Blogger Mats, at 12:17 AM  

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