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Secret Aphex Twin FM Competition

That's cool: Aphex Twin enters (and wins!) Future Music's remix competition. Click picture to read full article (Thx Dan).


  • Well thats the richard you know, he has the tank, the chateau. He makes his fans happy with actons like this. Well what can we say if this was happend some years ago in no internet years it would make a huge bomb effect for aphex twin fans[in a good way].. But with the softwares became popular in music production and with the internet's help, more and more wanna be artists think that this is very very unfair thing in a competition. Probably most of them had had some exppectations and we can hear them on some forums on the net complaining about aphex enterence and wins.. Well for me this tricky move from aphex is to make some noise for his next album..

    By Anonymous moldarasahnu, at 2:29 AM  

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