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Focusrite Liquidmix preview - [video]

Dancetech made a nice exclusive preview video of the liquidmix from Focusrite. You can/must download the avi movie file on the Dancetech side. Wouldn't it be more easy to upload it to i.e. youtube? Anyway, it's still very interesting to watch and worth the download.

32 channels of classic vintage & modern compressors & eq's emulated with impulse response sampling, all in a dedicated DSP firewire unit with the option to load more emulations as they are released. Could this be the next buzz product for home studio tech?.... You can see & hear the Liquidmix unit explained while in action in this video preview exclusive... This is going to fly off the shelves at such a low price point!... It's a full-on video rendered in high quality Divx with stereo 64k soundtrack, so it's 180mb to download, but you get a full 1/2 hour preview video 'diary' in high quality web video so all details of the unit's LCD screen etc are fully visible while in use. Check it out!... This units is going to be a monster product for budget studio's worldwide!


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