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Battle of the Selftuning-Guitares

i just saw this 2 movies (Movie 1 and Movie 2) about Tronical. Tronical is a new selftuning kit for electric guitares that will not "harm" your guitare like the stuff from Transperformance (here is an article and some pics about transperformance). Beside that Tronical will be way cheaper too! I allready wrote them a mail and asked if the kit will work on my old Heritage h-170 model ... ;-)

Info about Tronical:

Tronical’s PowerTune TM is a modular system that can be retro-fitted to virtually any available guitar make or model, without the need for destructive rebuilding or re-working. The guitar can also be returned to its original state at any time, if needed.

Tronical´s PowerTune System consists of three modular main components.

* PowerHead-Locking Tuners - Contained in standard-size housing, these Servo pegs consist of a servo motor and high-performance gears, along with intelligent servo electronics. Tuning stability is further guaranteed by the quality, high-grade lock mechanics.

* Tune Control Bridge and TuneCore-Controller - The link between the Piezo-equipped bridge and the tuning analysis represents the core (or Commando Centre) of the complete PowerTune™ System. From here, the current tuning of the guitar is monitored and the actions of the Servo-tuners are controlled. Through the use of highly integrated electronics, the TuneCore Controller can be accommodated within a space that would otherwise prove limiting.

* TuneControl-MultiKnob - Multi-functional pot, with unique control button. Available in various finishes and styles to complement the design of different guitar models. The Volume knob in the “pull” position becomes a raster potentiometer that offers tunings for the different strings. Built into the pot are active electronic multi-coloured LEDs which, in conjunction with the optical lens, offer superb control over all settings and tunings – even on the darkest stage! The “Enter” button lets action to be confirmed quickly by simply hitting OK.

The guitar’s condition remains untouched. No drilling, cutting or other “constructional” changes needed. No changes to the sound, weight, performance or appearance of the guitar.

Tronical’s PowerTune System is available in stores worldwide from June 2006. Pricing is to be announced.


  • um, in the video, the guitar is CLOSE to being in tune, but it's most certainly more than a few cents off ESPECIALLY on the G and B strings.

    If I have to fine tune it by ear anyway, what good is this?

    At least the Transperformace tuning system actually puts the guitar in actual tune. Until they really get this right, and I mean Perfect tune like only an ear can do, i'm sticking with my ears.

    By Blogger Muller, at 2:03 PM  

  • good point there, mr. muller! ;-)

    if they cant get it in perfect tune it's no fun! but as far as i understand the video, it shows a limited prototype, running beta software.

    i hope the kit can be tested soon in some stores.

    by the way:
    they still have not answered my mail...

    By Blogger Duvalle, at 8:14 PM  

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