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Apple MacBook R.I.P

Only 2 days ago i got my new (13-inch, 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo, white) Apple MacBook and it just died! Gee, that was short fun ...

This is what happened:
I closed the notebook while running, left it alone for about 45 minutes, opened it again and the MacBook made same very strange noise! Just like it was eating a cd (but no cd in drive!). After that the screen stayed black. I think the screen/display is broken ... for what reason ever ...

Anyway, beside of the fact that it took only 48 hours to break - it's a great notebook. It's fast and very slick! It got hot sometimes, but it was ok for me. I touched the back of the Apple Macbook many times to check the heat - nothing to worry about. "DuoTemp" reported 50-60 C idle and about 80 c while rendering a short movie. When reaching 80 c the fans kicked in and cooled it down to about 65 c. I really had fun while playing arround ...

I will return the MacBook tomorrow.
But I am not sure if i should get my money back or try another one?

I just took the MacBook back and the guys in the store tried for 30 minutes to reanimate the notebook but had no luck. So they gave me my money back. Since all macbooks are out of stock i have to wait for new ones to arrive. Maybe i just wait for rev. 2 ....



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