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Hans Zimmer studio movie - german

Picture shows young Hans Zimmer and an early synthesizer.
Not sure what it is.

This post from Harpya pointed me to a german movie clip about Hans Zimmer. We can see some of his new studio, and hear a few seconds of the Pirates soundtrack, he is currently working on. Here is a quick translation posted at

The first soundbyte says, that even though people have been claiming for ten years that he works on several films at once, he really does them one after the other. He also says how he finished Da Vinci Code at four thirty in the morning and started Pirates the next day at ten. In the long soundbyte in the middle he speaks about his father's death when he was six and how he used the music as refuge. Even today, when he has an argument with his wife, he starts to hum some tunes. In the one shot where he is sitting at his keyboard, he says, that he sits there all day and that it sometimes takes six weeks till he has a little something that means something. During the scoring session he says that this is the best moment, when there are 100 people going in the same direction. That there is something in the air that you otherwise only have with soccer...

.. the last sentence...
There's this story wherby a child says to it's mother "when I grow up I want to be a musician" and it's mother answered with "you can't do both"

Thx Harpya for translating ...

Check the "The Hans Zimmer Worship Page" for more infos.


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