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Sound that makes you go WTF

Well, i really like strange gear. But after all it should sound somehow good. Don't get me wrong: i do believe that the "The Ultimate Tube Synthesizer" S-1000 Wretch Machine from Metasonix is doing something very unique. But watching this video presentation from Eric Barber made me laugh a bit! ;-) Shouldn't he know how to make his stuff sound better?


  • No, if you check out their site, you'll see that this device probably sounds exactly as he intends it to ;) These guys sell the infamous Butt Probe distortion pedal that, true to its name, prison-violates any input source through the use of multiple crappy TV tubes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:25 PM  

  • Great great sounds coming out of this unit- i think i heard 2 minute swelches and a long buzz somewhere. Especially liked seeing him pushing down all the keys just liked you used to do when you were little at the music store and they had a nice casio sk1 on display to play with.

    $2500-2800 bucks? Hm, for the price id definitely choose this over the Moog Voyager, a Dave Smith PEK, or Alesis Andromeda... all which are either the same price or cheaper.

    By Blogger Baron Von Moogthoven, at 6:06 AM  

  • I have to say I felt the same when I watched the clips. I was expecting lots of 50's Forbidden Planet style squelching and drones and to be honest it almost seemed as if the unit wasn't a finished model.

    I loved some of the sounds but was expecting more.

    By Blogger corky burger, at 12:59 PM  

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