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Ebay: Three Dog Night signed guitar

Strange auction text:

This guitar was brought in by a consignor, He really does not what to sell it, but his father is sick and he needs to help him out.

The guitar is a white Squier Strat by Fender. It is signed by Three dog Night. There are five signatures on the guitar. They are Pat Bautz, Cory Wells, Michael Allsup, Danny Hutton, Jimmy Greenspoon, and Paul Kingery. The guy told us that there are very few of these signed by the group.

He is also sending with the guitar a case, Signed t-shirt. The t-shirt was not signed by every member just some of them.

There is a news paper artical about the band just a couple of days before the concert.

There is even a card that goes in the middle of a reserved table with some of there signatures on the inside of it.

Our confirmation of authenticity is a picture of the young man holding the signed guitar with all the members of Three Dog Night standing around him.

Somehow i don't believe it ... this pic is not really a "confirmation of authenticity" to me in any way ;-)


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