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WTF €199: F*ck U Korg

This is what pisses me of when buying software: INSANE PRICE DROPS for no reason!

Here is the story: i bought the Korg Legacy Collection (the one with the funny USB MS-20 controler) about 6 month ago for exactly € 599. Just some 4 weeks later the price went down to € 199!! i called my dealer and told them that i am pretty pissed - € 400 down the drain! Of course my dealer told me to relax: first this offer would be just for a very very short time - only to clear the stocks. And second i would get a very nice discount of the new Digital Collection. Fine i thought! But now: the original Legacy Collection is AGAIN on sale for only € 199 all over europe. So this would be the first lie! And: the discount i would get is only € 20!! Well, F*CK U KORG!!!

Don't get me wrong: i do like the Legacy Collection. And if you don't have it by now, you should get it for € 199 fast.

But for all the people who spend (at least) € 599 ... this is very close to a rip off!!

I can not think of another piece of gear i ever bought that lost value so fast!!
(By the way: the Korg EULA says that you are NOT allowed to sell your software, just think about it!!)

One thing is clear:
I just can not trust Korg on there price policy anymore. I will never ever buy anything in the first month again. I hate beeing a early bird that get's f*cked!!

Anyone else had the luck to spend 599 instead of 199??


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